Private French Lessons
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Private French Lessons

L’Alliance New York offers the best immersive French classes available in the US. We pride ourselves on offering students an energetic, engaging atmosphere to create the most favorable environment for learning with us. While some students excel in a class full of like-minded students, for others, the best, most comfortable mode of learning is through private, one-on-one lessons.

Visit our course catalog for on-site classes, or register for private online instruction. L’Alliance brings you instruction par excellence with private French lessons personalized to meet your needs. Whether you need group tutoring for AP classes, individual coaching for a performance, or a simple refresher course, L’Alliance makes learning French effective and fun.

If solo instruction is the best option for you, ditch the language apps and learn French faster with L’Alliance in just two steps. First, take a free placement test, then register for private lessons that fit your schedule and individual experience level.

Private lessons at L'Alliance

Fluency Levels

Just like our traditional classes, private lessons are available to students at every level of proficiency. Here, we offer a more detailed breakdown of our course and workshop categories.

  1. 0 1

    Intro to French

    Hours: 20

    Purpose: Essential tools to start learning French

  2. 0 2

    Beginner (A1)

    Hours: 120

    Purpose: Everyday expressions and common French phrases

  3. 0 3

    Advanced Beginner (A2)

    Hours: 120

    Purpose: Topics relating to everyday life and basic interactions in French

  4. 0 4

    Intermediate (B1)

    Hours: 120

    Purpose: Main points of conversation with a native French speaker

  5. 0 5

    Advanced (B2)

    Hours: 120

    Purpose: Broadened French language structure and speaking with a degree of fluency

  6. 0 6

    Expert (C1/C2)

    Hours: 180

    Purpose: Mastery of the French language

How Private French Lessons Work

Our outstanding native-speaking teachers offer flexible, fun, and fully immersive private French lessons both in-person and on Zoom. Private individual or group lessons emulate the curriculum of our full-size classes, but instructors shape the class to meet your specific goals and interests. For students who want a quick handle on specific conversational topics or subject material, we offer custom courses to ensure you meet your learning requirements.

Students ages 15 and over can normally cover one sublevel of general French, for example Beginner A1.1, in 12-15 hours of private lessons. Similarly, younger students ages 7-15 can normally cover one sublevel of French course for their age group in 8-10 hours of private lessons. Individual results vary.

We can also create custom courses to meet your specific learning goal, such as French Business Etiquette, French Diplomacy and International Relations, Legal French / Commercial Laws, French for Travel, French for Fashion, Exam Preparation including AP, SAT, and Regents exams, French Art de Vivre, and more.

For custom French courses, we will estimate and recommend the number of hours required to cover the course content when you sign up.

For more information about course policies on homework, make-up classes, and guardian requirements for children, check out our Class Policies page.


L’Alliance New York offers private lessons in hourly packages, with a 5-hour minimum purchase. Pricing varies based on class size, type, and student age. Special rates are available for packages of 15+ hours.

For more pricing details on private French lessons, see our hourly rates and discounted packages below.

Package Regular Course Custom Course Kids & Teens Course
5-15 hrs $88/hr $110/hr $104/hr
15-29 hrs $80/hr $100/hr $98/hr
30+ hrs $75/hr $94/hr $93/hr

Additional pricing details for group private lessons are located here.

Free Membership for Students

Students enrolled in group or private classes for a week or longer with L’Alliance will receive a complimentary membership (valued at $99), valid for one year. We also offer different levels of paid memberships for French language and culture enthusiasts. 

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For 125 years, L’Alliance New York has been the epicenter of all things French and francophile in the United States. For the best private French lessons in the country, contact the L’Alliance New York language center to schedule a class.


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