French Classes
for Kids in NYC

Student participating in a French class for kids in NY

At L’Alliance, we aim to provide the most fun and engaging French learning experience in NYC. Our Manhattan language center (with fully online options for everything but toddler courses) offers kids’ classes, summer camps, and a fully immersive preschool focused on teaching French through games, movement, and other exciting activities.

Our native French-speaking instructors employ a captivating and effective curriculum in an upbeat atmosphere to provide the perfect environment for your kids to learn as comfortably as possible. Children deserve instruction that includes age-appropriate activities to capture their interest and provides high-level support from instructors – we offer both at L’Alliance.

NYC Learning Center

At L’Alliance New York, we offer French classes for all children 1+, whether native French speakers at home or new to French. Our immersion-style language classes encourage children to play, sing, do arts and crafts, and have fun–all while learning French! For a full-day program, explore our French immersion preschool.

Course Breakdown

We offer French classes for kids that cover every level of experience, with programs that take non-French speakers all the way from introductory level to full, conversational use of the language. Depending on the age group, the class structure will look a bit different, with classes divided into the following age groups:

  • Toddlers (Ages 1-5)
  • Benjamins (Grades K-1)
  • Minimes (Grades 2-5)
  • Cadets (Grades 6-8)
  • Juniors (Grades 9-12)
à petits pas for
Toddlers (Ages 1-5) 
Toddlers laugh, learn, and play en français in our à petits pas program. This gentle, small-group experience has an emphasison daily life, and lets kids explore language via games, songs, and arts & crafts. Children explore topics such as introducing yourself, family, animals, and seasons. 
(Grades K-1)
Our Benjamins class for kindergarteners and first graders has a joyful, multi-sensory curriculum based on colorful and imaginative storybooks, structured to help children improve their French quickly and effectively.
(Grades 2-5)
The Minimes program for second through fifth graders is a dynamic learning approach that promotes attention and reflection through group and individual activities. Singing, educational games, and readings help reinforce vocabulary and language structures.
(Grades 6-8)
The Cadets program for sixth through eighth graders will help your child start a new language or boost their scholastic performance in French. Our multidisciplinary approach encourages independence, with a  focus on developing oral communication skills, like speaking and listening comprehension. The Cadets course also integrates preparation for the DELF JUNIOR exam.
(Grades 9-12)
Start your child in a new language or boost their scholastic performance in French with Juniors, for ninth through twelfth graders. The multidisciplinary approach promotes everyday interactions via role-playing to capture teens’ interest and imagination. The Juniors course also integrates preparation for the DELF JUNIOR exam.

We also offer classes for native French speakers, from age 2 through 8th grade. These spaces are meant to give francophone children a place to sharpen their speech skills in their native language among their peers.

For more information on class structures and available times, see our Course Catalog. Kids who have received some level of French instruction should take our placement test so we can match them with the right class to meet their individual needs.

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Classroom Policies

Classes for kids ages 1-3 require that a guardian accompany the child, with drop-off classes for 3+ years. For children ages 5+, we offer courses both in-person and on Zoom to ensure flexibility with other extracurricular activities. All kids’ classes will include inviting, age-appropriate activities to keep them excited about attending French class.

Check out our FAQ page for more class details and information on specific policies.

Summer Camps in NYC

Students of all ages can enjoy our day camps and summer classes to prevent the “summer slump” and provide year-round learning opportunities. We ramp up the energy and the fun to keep every student actively engaged.

Kids who’ve already spent nine months in school are looking for less structure and more fun in their summer schedules. Our camp activities focus on moving, learning, and connecting with the community. As a bonus, they’ll come home tired!

French Classes for Kids at L’Alliance

Discover how L’Alliance French classes for kids can benefit your child with the perfect complement to extracurricular and enrichment activities. Because everything sounds better in French!